Passionate for Lulu's

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I reallyyyy want the Galileo Tunic... Just sucks everything cute is in black..."I need some color in my life"


Happy Thanksgiving....

Get a little laugh at this video... Hope it doesnt offend anyone... All Giggles People :0)


Nikon Coolpix S202 :(

So im moving things around and i have my camera in my hand along with other things and it slips out of my hand FALLS lens first on the mat misses the hard floor... Pick the camera up and it reads LENS ERROR... NOOOOO i just got it for my 22nd BDay (March 15th)..... I can imagine what it will cost to fix it! Or i should camp outside of walmart Friday at 4am... I dont know..I cant think, eat, or sleep.. This is a crazy feeling and its not even a pair of heels.....

DIY Rene Caovilla Glitter Bottom

DIY Rene Caovilla Glitter Bottom

Kimmy blogger from http://kimmy-partyinmytummy.blogspot.com/ did a HAUTE DIY project of the Rene Caovilla shoes which i posted in a previous post. Check out her post and her blog.

Pictures from her DIY project.... (visit her blog for the complete start to finish and footage of the shoes).. Glitz and GLAM!


Wale...Mr. Too Cool 4 School......

After seeing rapper Wale in the Picture with Drake at the GQ Man of the Year party i started to wonder......

After i read readers reactions to his outfit.... Everyone came to same complaint "Why didnt he dress up" or "Why didnt he wear a suit"

My intial reaction was "ohhh  man Wale is Too Cool For School"... I say that as a good thing. I feel he grew on me as a rapper. I was bought over after hearing Chillin Ft. Lady Gaga the 1st time. I am a firm believer of people that do not conform to what "society" want you/us to do. Wale has clearly proven that his idea of Man of the Year is what he has given the public over the years... and that is his Urban Chic, Skateboarder Trend, and Haute kickz. Im loving his style and I wish many guys can take notes! :)


Amber Rose has NO Stylist

This youtube video is from a few months ago but its the fact that she is proving a point!

"I style myself... I don't have a stylist EVERY paparazzi picture you seen of me i dressed myself"
-Amber Rose-

i love her..... :)


Jedal Italian Fashion

:::Intern Files 3::::

A little info about Rene Caovilla....
Italian Fashion Designer (all Jedal carries)...He has a concentration on the high-end market making his mark as a sculptor of evening shoes. Best known for elegant details and high quality...
All the shoes of Rene Caovilla we carry are all made of fabric versus leather construction.

Christian Louboutin has their signature red bottom... Rene Caovilla has a signature sparkle bottom... Shoe looks great from the bottom to the top :)

High Fashion comes with a HIGH price......

Buy ME!!!!

Browsing Urban Outfitters Online Website
Came across the Holiday Catalog 2009
These wedges are to die for..............................................


Window Displays

::::Visual Merchandising Files 1::::

Walking to work in Phipps Plaza is quite a daily adventure... In a high-end mall its great to admire the signage used to reel in customers. Although we are in the middle of  a"Recesssion" high-end malls are for the Recession-Proof shoppers.. Being a Merchandising major i feel that Visual Display and signage of a store is VITAL in to getting numbers and sales. People need something in the window to drive foot traffic into the store which is intended to create a purchase or purchases...

Check out the new display for Louis Vuitton in Saks

Sitting in the middle of the display was the new LV bag.....................

Alma MM $2,010.00


Jedal Italian Fashion

::::Intern Files 2::::
Check out Antonia "Toya" Carter rocking Casadei heels from Jedal......

Dress: Alice + Olivia Sequin Dress with Keyhole Back
From Shopbop $495

Also check out Lauren Conrad wearing the same dress to VH1 Divas event ..............


Jedal Italian Fashion

::::The Intern Files:::
Check out some of our shoes on some celeb's......
Keri Hilson singer/song writer at the Soul Train Awards in Atlanta......

NOOOOOO "Say it ain't so"

The return of the Ponchos grinds my gears... Not a good grind at all. We went through this fad trend when I was in Middle School so the late 90's. Ponchos have no way of maneuvering ...No versatility...No comfort. and defeats the purpose of warmth when it partially covers the body. Just period Ponchos are a Fashion Fad....Forever 21 is taking a risk and featuring the items with much confidence of a return to Fashion lovers.


Giving the Cold Shoulder.....

Coming from a girl with broad shoulders the new shoulder trend is quiet scary and daring. I feel bigger, bad-er, and better so i guess those are all great qualities :) Below are some findings of my best interpretation of "The Cold Shoulder" trend..... {Cold "burrr" lol}

2. Urban Outfitter (my same obsession dress from previous post)

3. Marc Jacobs Sweater Dress

4. Power Shoulder Zip

5. Swing Time Dress

6. Avant Rosette Top

Graduation 12-12-09 2PM

All I want for graduation..............
(this is just a condensed list)!

1. My display of school spirit...Florida State Tag $58.50 + personalized fee+ reg tag fee=_?_

2. Urban Outfitters Silence & Noise Strong Shoulder Dress $58.00

3.  Casadei Pump Located at Jedal Italian Fashion $750

4. Baby G-Shock $79.00

5. Mac Book Air $1,499.00




So this is my final semester before graduating December 12, 2009 2pm from The Florida State University the College of Human Sciences with a major in Merchandising... Our major is set up so our last semester you goto class 8AM EVERYDAY for 8weeks and then your final 8weeks is field work in your desired internship! So im currently in the Intern portion. I am doing my Internship at Jedal Italian Fashion in Atlanta.... A new luxe high fashion shoe boutique... Fun Fun FUN.....

Running in Heels Standing 5'8 + 4inches in Heels
Just Checking in more to come :)


Fashion for Kids

Stella McCartney Designs for Gap Kids. Her new line was released yesterday. Seeing the pieces makes me jealous, I wish i was a kid again..I would be a FLY youngster....

Girls Tuxedo Jacker $78.00             Boys Western Plaid Shirt $38.00                 Trench Coat $78.00

The fashion forward kid-o comes with a pricey price tag...But it pays to look cute right? lol

Black for a year straight......Really?

Check out Nice Kicks Post today....
"All Black Everything"....http://nicekicks.com/2009/11/all-black-everything-buyers-guide/

Some what relevant to the previous post!

All Black Everything.....

All Black

It is evident that a Little Black Dress is an article of clothing that every woman must have. LBD is such a staple item that can be worn all dressed up or casual. Now we see fashion spun off from the LBD to All Black. BUT the question rises whether it’s “playing it SAFE”.

If it is not playing it safe why not be daring in pattern or bold color. Not just a bold accessory or shoes but an actual bold ensemble.

What do you think Playing it safe vs. Bold Statement?????