Wale...Mr. Too Cool 4 School......

After seeing rapper Wale in the Picture with Drake at the GQ Man of the Year party i started to wonder......

After i read readers reactions to his outfit.... Everyone came to same complaint "Why didnt he dress up" or "Why didnt he wear a suit"

My intial reaction was "ohhh  man Wale is Too Cool For School"... I say that as a good thing. I feel he grew on me as a rapper. I was bought over after hearing Chillin Ft. Lady Gaga the 1st time. I am a firm believer of people that do not conform to what "society" want you/us to do. Wale has clearly proven that his idea of Man of the Year is what he has given the public over the years... and that is his Urban Chic, Skateboarder Trend, and Haute kickz. Im loving his style and I wish many guys can take notes! :)

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