Taking it to the next level!

So I am taking things to the next level. 
Left one Retail Management job for a new Company. 
Changed Passionate4fashion.blogspot.com into myclothesmind.com. 
Taking my Nikon D3000 on some photo shoots!
Here is a Preview of My Progress........... More to come :)


Big Sean...Finally Famous

Big Sean at Potbellys Tallahassee, FL 11-20-10
If you dont know who he is you might want to google and youtube him. He is apart of the G.O.O.D. Music family. His mixtape Finally Famous Vol. 2 has alot of punch lines and tight beats.

His "Pow" chain and YSL pin Niceeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Check out the video below....Diesel Presents Only the Brave..... Big Sean talks Fashion!

Big Sean talks fashion and Kanye fashion inspiration
Uploaded by thatsfunny. - Explore lifestyle, fashion, and DIY videos.

"Your style is an extention of you......." - Big Sean


It Glitters, It's Gold and Graces many covers....

This Fall 2010 Balmain dress glitters, its's gold, and it continues to grace numerous magazine covers. I love this dress and i am not gonna lie but after seeing it 3 times i lost a lot of  love for it...  Check all of the magazine covers below :) ....


Case of the Monday's: Before they were covers

Draft of Elle UK Feature
Model Coco Rocha
Before they were covers via Fashionising


Photoshop your life...

I watched this video on Hypebeast. Just the whole idea of Photoshoping my day made me wonder....What would i erase, what layers would i duplicate,?

i would erase this strep throat for sure!



Welcome to My Clothes Mind :)

New Domain and New Name enjoy :)
Alot more to come! 
Check it out....

INFLUENCERS: How Trends & Creativity Become Contagious Film

A month ago i blogged about Influencer's here it is the full version......

INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo.

“To me an influencer is somebody that has a different way of thinking, different way of expressing themselves…”
-Rob Stone CEO of Cornerstone

“Somebody that other people listen to and react to…”
-Jeff Staple-Founder of staple design

best statement below.. he sums it all up!

“Most of the new styles and the new sort of trends come from the younger creative class simply because they have to figure out ways to present themselves the way they want to present themselves because there broke….”
-Josh Peskowitz-Fashion Editor