Case of the Monday's

There ain't no free lunches in this country. And don't go spending your whole life commiserating that you got raw deals. You've got to say, 'I think that if I keep working at this and want it bad enough I can have it.'

- Lee Iacocca

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Watch the Throne Album Artwork

I just Download Watch the Throne at midnight on iTunes. I suggest everyone to do the same great album. Check out the album artwork for Watch the Throne! 


40 Worst Dressed Cities

Honestly I think some rankings and cities are warped look at the countdown for yourself....

40. Boulder, CO
39. Nashville
38. Bristol, CT
37. Kansas City
36. Portland
35. Raleigh
34. Seattle
33. Asbury Park, NJ
32. Omaha
31. Detroit
30. Cleveland
29. Newport Beach
28. Burlington, VT
27. San Diego
26. Orlando, FL
25. Buffalo
24. Saint Paul, MN
23. Dallas
22. Wasilla, AK
21. Houston
20. San Francisco
19. Jersey Shore
18. Austin
17. Atlanta
16. Santa Fe
15. Provo, UT
14. Martha's Vineyard
13. Las Vegas
12. New Orleans
11. Brooklyn
10. St. Louis
9. Miami
8. Salt Lake City
7. Maui
6. Philadelphia
5. Manhattan
4. Chicago
3. Pittsburgh
2. Los Angeles
1. Boston

Check out GQ for their explanation for each city.




Great Styling By Marina Didovich


Essence of Color (Photo shoot)

Photo from my vault. 
Happy Friday Enjoy :)


Picture's of the Week: Eva's VIbe

Eva Marcille
Desert Goddess Photoshoot
Vibe Magazine


Clothesminded: Cosby Sweater Project

This site documents the sweaters and fashions worn on The Cosby Show with a "sartorial edge".

Source / Hypebeast


Gaga x 3

 Lady Gaga Covers V#71


Photoshoot: The Gift of Life

I recently did a fun maternity photo shoot with my close friend. I researched maternity photography and I loved the idea of embracing the art of creating a life thru film. A great gift is the gift of life!

Happy Monday :)


Happy Earth Day :)

Happy Earth Day!!!

Today I thought about how Fast Textiles (also referred as "throwaway" or "fast fashion") will slowly ruin our earth. A lot of retailers such as Forever 21 are victims of the Fast Textile economy. Just think about when the cost and quality for an item is set low the demand rises. But i am a victim, i do shop at Forever 21 occasionally but they should follow different paths like Urban Outfitters "Urban Renewal" line to make more of an eco conscious step towards a healthy earth! :)

I am not a tree hugger or hippie just a Clothesminded Girl 


Picture of the Week: Laurie-Ann

Bitchie Life: How would you describe your personal style?
LaurieAnn: I think my idea of fashion was birthed out of  dance and the street. Going to the clubs in New York and then when I would go out, I would be queen of the gray shoe, a t-shirt, a jean or leather pant. But when I had to start branding myself and moving up, I began competing on a different level.  I would totally get sand plastered on the blogs. I thought it was about “Oh, they would be happy that I don’t care I’m in a 99 cent shirt, there would be no pressure but they were like “Ooo, what is she wearing?” Then I was like ‘alright, let me figure this thing out’. So, it’s still new for me but I guess I’m more about the construction. I love designers that make clothes well. I love the build of a piece, the silhouette. I like pieces that are made really well and I like designers that understand women.
"Construction" goes hand in hand with the phrase Quality over Quantity!


Case of the Monday's: Hermes Collar Watch....

Collar + Watch= CollarWatch :)

I wonder if this will help me get to work on time! lol

Happy Monday :)


Photoshoot: Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden
Models: Sasha & Careena 
MUA: Carnesia "Notice Me Promotions"
Photography & Styling: My Clothes Mind


Random Shoot: Skate Park

local skate park

I was excited to use my new 55-200 mm lens/toy  :)


Quote of the Day

"I got a dream that’s worth more then my reality
And pride that’s worth more then a salary"

-Big Sean-


Photoshoot: DJ Lil Boy + LA Gear

Check out video and photos from my photoshoot with DJ Lil Boy for LA Gear


Color's of Spring

This seasons colors. I have to admit i have seen "Blue Curacao" everywhere.


Picture of the Week: "Tigerlilly"

Carolina by Osterhult


Tribal Photo Shoot

Photo shoot from my vault. I searched high and low for a belly dancer head piece on eBay and found the one used in this shoot. 


Case of the Monday's: "No Risk No Reward"

Kanye West covers V Man titled No Risk No Reward
The magazines appears to have real dollar bills!