Pink Friday :) Better late than never!

My Story......

So for those of you who don't know... Nikki Minaj teamed up with MAC Cosmetic to create Pink Friday lipstick. This lipstick was sold only online and only on Friday for four consecutive Fridays in the month of December. So the first Friday i logged in that afternoon to my surprise all the lipstick were sold out. Next Friday i totally forgot about it. The third Friday i stayed online till the clock hit midnight and the server went down. The final Friday i stayed online until the clock struck midnight again and submitted my order... (your thinking yayy but no wait...) I get two confirmation emails saying i payed for it twice! When i called customer service she told me "There is something wrong with our site but we are all sold out of the product so you wont be receiving it". Ughhh...Two weeks later i see i was charged for a lipstick and received an email with a tracking number included. So i went though so much to get this lipstick. Happy Pink Friday to me :)

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