Picture of the Week: Laurie-Ann

Bitchie Life: How would you describe your personal style?
LaurieAnn: I think my idea of fashion was birthed out of  dance and the street. Going to the clubs in New York and then when I would go out, I would be queen of the gray shoe, a t-shirt, a jean or leather pant. But when I had to start branding myself and moving up, I began competing on a different level.  I would totally get sand plastered on the blogs. I thought it was about “Oh, they would be happy that I don’t care I’m in a 99 cent shirt, there would be no pressure but they were like “Ooo, what is she wearing?” Then I was like ‘alright, let me figure this thing out’. So, it’s still new for me but I guess I’m more about the construction. I love designers that make clothes well. I love the build of a piece, the silhouette. I like pieces that are made really well and I like designers that understand women.
"Construction" goes hand in hand with the phrase Quality over Quantity!

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