Happy Friday New Fabric

I am so excited I ordered some african fabric from eBay and it is here! Im seriously going utilize these vibrant prints soon. Each print is cut into pieces smaller than 1 yard but I will make it work!

Happy Friday
(happy payday lol)


Quote of the Day

Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow.Norman Vincent Peale


DIY: Pinky Ring/ Knuckle Ring

My Inspitation...
After seeing pinky and knuckle rings trending i had to have my own.

 I went to the fabric store and purchased some 
1. Shaping wire
2. Jewelry peace pendant 
3. Jewelry making tools

Cut a little of the wire and wrapped it around through each end of the peace sign. Bend the wire to wrap around two times and clip off the remaining wire. I made sure that the wire clipped off is bent down good so it won't snag or cut anyone or anything. :)

My pinky ring / knuckle ring :)

Happy Monday 

Stylist Shout-Out: Soulja Boy Covers Fault

Shout-Out to Avo Yermagyan the man behind the creative styling for Soulja Boy in Fault magazine. When i saw these photos my first reaction was "Man he cleans up well". I love the aesthetic of a tailored suit with a personal flare. I did a little research and read that Avo has styled clients such as Actor Jesse Williams, Brad Pitt, Kelly Rowland, and Persia White. (just to name a few)

Check out his portfolio linked below...

Stylist Shout-Out is a segment showcasing creative fashion styling...