Case of the Monday's: Excellence

"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way."
-Booker T. Washington


DIY: Denim Shirt Update

My Inspiration WhereDidUGetThat

I saw WhereDidUGetThat blog post on updating your denim shirt i was convinced I had to try it.

plastic to lay down on your working area 
spray bottle

I put a mixture of bleach and water in a spray bottle. I sprayed the bleach on a damp shirt all over and frequently adjusted the spray nozzle at times to change the frequency of the bleach. Then I flipped the shirt over and did the same thing on the back. Once I started to see the color changing I rinsed the shirt with water. Then I washed it in the washing machine.

Finished Product! yayy :)


DIY: Restyled Levis Jeans

About a month ago I was on a Goodwill hunt for vintage Black Levi's Jeans. I started to think I asked the Goodwill gods for too much because I could never find a black pair. Luckily a week ago I ran into a grey-ish color. I decided to dye it black and give it some more color and life! 

These pants are a 27 W 28 L they were wide leg high waters on me so I decided to cut them into shorts.

I thought about giving these shorts a more destructive and glitzy look with studs/spikes but for right now i want to stick with a simple yet classic look.
I realized after i had the shorts in the dye that the labels in the back would get dyed also. Oh well I'm satisfied i found a pair.

Wore my shorts Sunday on a Park Date! (instagram pic)