DIY Vanity Plate

So my mother helped me organize my clutter by creating a Vanity Plate. This Vanity Plate holds my random jewelry and perfume. Check out how to make your own Vanity Plate below.....

DIY Vanity Plate
from JulesDiysandDesigns

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Ipsy November Glam Bag Review

A little late with this post but here I go... I blogged last month about my October Ipsy Bag well this November Party Perfect Bag was much better than last month.

Inside the bag included:
Meet Matte Eye Shadow
Starlet Black Eyeliner
Bare Minerals Dare Devil Gloss
Chella Defining Brow Gel
Nailtini Nail Lacquer

I really loved the November bag because getting more matte eyeshadows are on my To-Do list. The Bare Minerals Gloss is great has a hint of color and not super sticky looks great paired on top of a lipstick. The eyeliner and Brow Gel are alright nothing to jump over and do a back flip about. I am so in love with the October bag Bombshell felt tip liquid eyeliner! If you have not already signed up for a Ipsy bag do it now! $10 a month cant beat.


ClothesMinded Photos of the Week

Rita Ora for V Magazine

Cassie for V Magazine

Happy Friday :)


The Makeup Show Orlando 2012

Sunday I attended The Makeup Show Orlando. The show was filled with many makeup artist and beauty professionals (and some none of the above). I have read many blogs and watched many Youtube videos about Makeup Shows in NY and LA so to hear the show was coming to the South East region I was excited. 

I went to the show with my coworker. We arrived to the show and started to browse by each vendors booth. The Makeup Forever and Crown Brush Booth was PACKED the entire day. We also made it to a keynote by Johnny Lavoy The Transformation of Makeup. 
Overall my advice to a Makeup Show Virgin i would say 
-Have a budget
-Make a list of all the items you really need/want from the show
-Sign Up for PRO discounts with the many vendors
-Get some knowledge from Keynotes and Seminars 
- Have FUN :)

Check out my photos below (excuse my iPhone photography silly me I left my camera in the car).

(Make Up Forever Academy)

Keynote Transformation of Makeup By Johnny Lavoy
He demonstrated how to conceal a males beard and blend it with foundation to create a flawless finish.

The finished product! You can't even see the models beard!!!