Styled: Muzik Jones Drew


(Performance 12.15.12 The Speakeasy Lounge Lake Worth, FL)

A few months ago I had the pleasure of pulling a outfit for Muzik Jones Drew photo shoot and performance. A pretty cool guy to style. Check out the interview.....

Introduce yourself.... 
It's funny being interviewed by you but I go by Muzik Jones Drew, lover and creator of music!

How would you describe your music/musical style?
 My music is a mix of soulful harmonizing with a little hip-hop. I like to it call funk rap.
How do you get your inspiration?
I feel it's only right and relatable if my music is as real as life gets. My everyday life from my toughest days at work to my highest moments with the people I love inspire me to write. If I'm at a block and can't create I'll break to go live life out of the studio for a day or two and comeback with an album full of feelings.

What musicians do you admire?
I was always a huge Timbo, Dre (the doctor), and Pharell fan. I felt like during the time I started out recording music they were always the men behind the hits so I studied and attempted to mimic every hit they made.

What can people expect from your upcoming project?
I had to sacrafice a few things in order to really focus on the sound, direction and stories for "Believers". Managing and producing are just a couple of the big things I had to put to the side in order to tune into the occurences affecting me aside of music. So on this project you'll hear an even more mellow and calm Drew due to my brother's homecoming approaching, new love, and low funds. Age is trying to bring out the softer and sexier side of me. Haha! I definitely did not sacrifice the fun in my music though!

Would you agree your musical style inspires your fashion style?
I used to argue that a certain look should go with the type of artist you were but screw that! I'd spit trap rhymes in a tux anyday! Though, I think fashion has more often influenced my music. There's just something about the way you dress that adjusts the way you perform. It's like Spider Man could fight crime in his everyday Peter Parker attire if he wanted but all his battles were best fought in red and blue spandex.

What words would you use to describe your fashion style?
At home I'm always ready for a game of 2 on 2. On stage I'm Falsettos & Fly Drew! I believe in overdressing.

What five "Clothesminded" things you cannot live without?
I can't live without bowties, skinny ties, the double-sided hairbrushes where the bristles are soft on one side and hard on the other, hoodies, and my large amount of t-shirts. Thanks Beautiful!

Check Out "Believers" Video 

Check out his new single "Believers" available on iTunes now

I had fun styling Muzik Jones Drew. Thanks again Mr Jones Drew :) Bow Tie Gang 

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