I am 26!! I spent my birthday weekend with my friends singing Karaoke (Destiny Child Bills, Bills, Bills lol) I ended the weekend in South Florida with my boyfriend at Jazz in the Gardens. If you follow me on Instagram you seen some pictures. Anywho I thought it would be cool to share 26 random things about me........
1. I hate fruit. 2. I eat my cereal with warm milk. 3. I am the middle child. 4. The older I get the more I hate wearing accessories (jewelry). 5. I am obsessed with reality tv shows. 6. My life revolves around Google reader! (i cried when i heard it is retiring in july)  7. I love potato chips. 8. I am a makeup junkie. 9. My favorite movie is Clueless. 10. I hate shopping at Forever 21. 11. My heart would stop beating if I had to live without my Clarisonic. 12. I am 5'8. 13. I wear glasses and contacts.  14. I hate watching cartoons. 15. I never pet a cat in my life but they look cute. 16. I love jeggings.17. I am Jamaican. 18. I love some pasta. 19. I am impatient.
20. I want to attend NYFW, LFW once in my lifetime. 21. Im not a morning person. I need a few hours of no talk time 22. I love Arts and Crafts. 23. I am officially #TeamNatural 24. I love my boyfriend :) 
25. I read blogs everyday! 26. I love my sisters to death and my mommy and daddy :) .

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