DIY: Makeup Brush Holder with Face Charts

I discovered mamma_divan on Instagram and I fell in love with a photo of her vanity. She had her brushes in the cutest holder pen and pencil holder. She let me know that she purchased her brush holders from TJ Maxx. I immediately stopped by my local TJ Maxx and luckily I found the exact same holders (there was two but one was scratched up). So I picked up just one I was so excited Thanks Mamma_Diva !! :) 

Follw her Instagram Mamma_Diva
White Pen and Pencil Holder from TJ Maxx was $5.99.

I went to my local Home Goods and found a desk organizer in a black spinning pencil holder for $6.99. I like this holder because it spins and each side had a panel I could add a face chart or graphic.

I traced the dimension of the panel of the holder.
Next I used some face charts from work (Sephora).
I also found face charts on MAC Cosmetics website and Sephora.com.
Finally I cut the shape out of the Face Chart and taped it to the holder. I used double sided tape because I plan to change them often and using glue makes it more permanent.


I really love these brush holders. I was tired of my brushes in a glass jar with beads. I think it is time for a vanity table. My makeup has taken over. My poor bathroom counter :(


  1. WOW your brush collection is making me drool! Amazing! I think a stippling brush, blush and powder brush are a BASIC cant dont without! I came to thank you for liking my style at Fashion Bombshell! Thank you so much!

    Nyt from BIG hair LOUD mouth

    1. The worst part is cleaning all these brushes! lol I was looking on Fashion Bombshell post for your website. But I have it now. :) Now following your blog..Thanks


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