DIY: Restyled Caged Ring

I bought this caged ring years ago at a local boutique. Over the years it tarnished and fell apart but the stone was pretty i could not just throw it away. So i decided to turn the old necklace into a caged ring.
  1. First use E-6000 and glued the stone to a ring post that i purchased a set at Jo Ann Fabric. 
  2. Next Let the stone and the glued ring post dry.
  3. Take Gold shaping wire and wrapped it around the ring to creating a spiraled look.
  4. Make sure the ends of the gold wire were curled with wire tools to prevent from snagging.
  5. Finally put a little more E-6000 glue over the gold wire and then let it sit to dry.

Try restyling your old necklace or statement accessories into something new!

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