The Coveteur | June Ambrose

I had a Fashion-gasm looking at these behind the scenes photos of June Ambrose closet. **sigh**

March 22 Her shoe line for HSN will go live!  She posted some pic on her instagram of some of the shoes that will be sold on HSN. check them out...

Some of Ms. Ambrose's shoes are pumps with heels in the 4-inch range. "I was very mindful of the real world," Ms. Ambrose says. "The average person is not walking around in 6-inch heels."
The target consumer is "a professional, but sassy," Ms. Ambrose says. "I want to get to that girl starting her career for the first time who wants to feel confident and make a statement without making a spectacle of herself. 

Are you interested in purchasing a pair??
I am :)

Images via The Coveteur

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