Motivational Monday: Live A Positive Life

You can't live a positive life with a negative mind.

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It is hard to travel on a positive journey when your mind and heart is filled with negativity. In order to grow you have to rise above the negative energy (people) and stay focused. I was talking to my boss and he told me how he lost a $500 Visa Gift card that he won at work during a contest. He figured it fell out of his pocket when he was on his lunch break. He immediately called the company to report it lost/stolen and the balance was depleted to $0 in no time! When he told me that I was upset for him. In my head I was thinking thats messed up that *%^insert negative and bad words*&%^. He told me how his wife told him to look at it in another perspective the person that found the gift card probably needed to pay their rent or get caught up on bills you never know. He told me he later got a call from HR and they sent him another gift card since his last one was stolen. I felt if he let the fact the gift card was stolen burden him it would of built up so much anger instead he was positive and with karma his situation turned out good. Fill your mind with positive energy and live a positive life. :)

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