(Updated) Makeup Brush Holders and Makeup Storage

My previous post DIY: Makeup Brush Holder with Face Charts has reached many views and numerous Reblogs on Tumblr. I have complied an updated post on my Makeup Brush Storage.

(New) Paint Brush Holder and Easel $10.99 Utrecht Art

This brush holder is perfect for a busy traveling girl. This brush holder is great for a freelance make up artist for your kit. If your not an artist this holder can work perfect to organized your brushes in your bathroom or vanity. You can even put lip pencils, eye liner, and mascara in this brush holder. This DIY will always keep you organized.

Use candle holders to store lip gloss.

Try a Glass jar from the Dollar Tree and add clear beads from Michael's to store makeup.

Instead of throwing your old Perfume box out save it and cut the top off. Use your perfume box as a cute holder for your vanity.

How do you store your beauty products?

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